Meet our team

Heart-Head Publishing was established in 2006 in Cornelius, North Carolina with a strong interest in assisting authors with getting their books from their hearts and into the hands of readers worldwide.  Heart-Head Publishing consults with both new and seasoned authors to assist them in the process of publishing their literary works covering a variety of genres.  

We offer a great deal of resources and information in the world of book publishing, book printing, and editing assistance.  For specific inquiries, please contact us directly via phone (704) 728-7050 or e-mail: info@heartheadpublishing.com.  

During our book publishing journey, we have partnered with and have guided authors to their dream of becoming a published author.  Often times, writers do not know where to begin in the process of publishing their works.  Heart-Head Publishing is proud to say, that we've been a great resource to many authors in various areas of their project.  

We take an up close and personal approach to assisting authors and is why we have customizable publishing services.  We are here to be of help in the areas where help is needed for a successfully published book.  So don't delay, contact us today to learn how you can be on the way to achieving your dream.

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